4 Quick Tips To Keep Your System In Great Condition

Sep 4, 2020

You want to keep your system nice for as long as possible. The good news is that it’s an easy product to keep in mint condition. Our new systems come with a comprehensive two-year warranty. Even if something crazy happens to your unit or attachments, we’ve got you covered. We stand behind our products and customers, and have ensured that our control units and attachments are robust and made to last. 


To add to your peace of mind, here are some great tips to remember.

Tip 1: Cleaning Attachments

It’s simple. Unzip the attachment and grab a Clorox wipe to clean the interior. Feel free to do the exterior as well. Then allow your attachments to air dry. Cleaning is doable between sessions with your clients or for your own sessions at home.

Tip 2: Attachment Zippers

The zippers on our attachments are user-friendly. They’re still zippers, though, and wear a bit with use. To avoid overuse, slide the attachments on and off without unzipping. The main purpose for the zippers comes when cleaning or adding an expander to an attachment.

*The following two tips are for those who have attachments with our original prong design (the four nubs stick out from the casing and are covered with a cap).

Tip 3: Prong Care

Grab some chapstick or vaseline and add it to the prongs to keep plugging and unplugging attachments easier.

Tip 4: Prong Caps

Each attachment comes with caps to place on the prongs. Be sure to snap these on after each use to keep the prongs functioning well.

Bonus Tip

Hang your attachments from a hook or hanger to avoid folding and unfolding each time you use the system. You’ll probably find yourself using the system more knowing that you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of folding. 


Stick with these tips, and your system will stay in great shape. Let us know your favorite ways to keep your own system in top condition by tagging @RapidReboot on Instagram. 


Happy rebooting!

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