We’ve all read one too many articles that say something like, “Wake up at 5:00, or you’ve already missed the day.” There’s a lengthy list of musts, and all a sudden we’re overwhelmed.


Morning routines should fuel and fire you up. They should help get you excited for the day. There’s no need to add an insane number of tasks to do. The key to a morning routine is including things you love or will look forward to. Here are ideas that we at Rapid Reboot love:


This is a great option to prep your body for the day as it’s going through a changing of the guards between night and day mode.


This is the quickest addition to a morning and can be pretty uplifting. It’s powerful to bring fresh air to your room after a night of rest and, let’s face it, possibly stuffy air. It also feels like symbolically and literally inviting a fresh start into your day.


Hear us out. The benefits of cold therapy are all over the Internet. Maybe you’ve seen Wim Hof’s theories. Maybe you’re a believer, and maybe you aren’t. Either way, there’s a common consensus with people feeling more awake and alert finishing their shower on a cold setting. **Pro Tip: Start on a warm setting, and gradually move to a cold setting to give your body time to adapt.


Quick. Simple. Effective.


You knew this had to be in the list. We’re sure you’ve heard of people stretching in the morning. The nice thing about a quick session in the boots is you get the stretch and massage while also having freedom to do something else or an excuse to sit and do absolutely nothing. You’re welcome 😉


Don’t stress this too much. You can write anything. What you dreamed about. A couple lines of how you’re feeling. Two small goals for the day or a couple affirmations. You choose.


Make your morning feel more like your pregame routine and listen to something that gets you ready for a great day!


Some of these will resonate, while others will sound like a chore. Choose one or two from the list that sound fun and uplifting, or choose your own.


Try them this week, and tag us in your morning routines using the hashtag #RapidReboot. We want to hear about it and maybe get some new ideas for our own mornings.


Happy routining!