Terms of Trial

Please read the following terms carefully! We want to give as many people the chance to try Rapid Reboot as possible, but this is not a way to receive free product. The following conditions must be met before and during the trial period. Thank you!

Following the application and review of this form, Rapid Reboot agrees to send the person requesting a free trial (the receiver) the requested Rapid Reboot products selected via this form (or via a representative) for the period of one week. Rapid Reboot reserves the right to decline any requests. Rapid Reboot also reserves the right to send product(s) as it is available. A Rapid Reboot representative will notify the receiver if a waiting period is in effect. Rapid Reboot agrees to cover standard shipping costs.

Prior to sending the requested product, the receiver’s card information will be collected by a Rapid Reboot representative and kept on file. This card will not be charged for the product during the trial, but rather acts as assurance that the product(s) will not be stolen. This card information will not be shared with anyone or any other company, and following either the purchase or return of the product(s) will be deleted.

Rapid Reboot is not liable for any demo products that are lost, stolen, or severely damaged. As Rapid Reboot is not able to investigate and validate any claims concerning lost or stolen products, Rapid Reboot reserves the right to charge the card on file for any product that cannot be returned for any reason.

During the one-week trial period, the receiver agrees to respect the product(s), as well as use it/them as intended on him or herself and/or on all athletes, clients, patients, and others. After the one-week trial, or after the 7th day, the receiver agrees to either initiate contact with or respond to contact from a Rapid Reboot representative concerning the trial. If the receiver decides to purchase, he or she may indicate the best means for purchase, whether by using the card on file or by another means. If the receiver decides not purchase the product(s), Rapid Reboot will provide a prepaid shipping label to be used for returning the system.

If no attempts at contact are made by the receiver after 14 days from the time the product(s) is delivered to him or her, and if a Rapid Reboot representative fails to make contact after at least three attempts using the information on this application, the card on file will be charged for the retail price of the product(s).

If the receiver decides to return the unit and notifies a Rapid Reboot representative but then fails to return the product(s) within two weeks from the time of follow-up, and the receiver fails to communicate the status of the return, the card on file will be charged for the retail price.

If the card is charged due to the receiver’s failure to make contact with or respond to a Rapid Reboot representative, or to return the product(s) in a timely manner as aforementioned, the receiver can receive a refund if the product is returned within 30 days of being charged.

If you have any questions or concerns about these terms of your trial, please feel free to contact us via email at info@rapidreboot.com, or by calling us Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm MST, at 801-899-7511.

Thank you!

Your friends at Rapid Reboot