You’ve heard us say Rapid Reboot is FDA-approved and backed by science, but what do our attachments actually do? The bottom line is they help you recover quicker because we want you seeing real results. We’re excited to take you behind the scenes of a session of Rapid Reboot.


When you take a seat to recover in the boots, hips, or arms for the first time, it’s a foreign feeling. We describe the attachments working similarly to a blood pressure cuff to give newcomers an idea of what to expect. What’s the compression helping, though?


When you train, you build up lactic acid, which means you’re going to feel sore and tight. To give you quicker recovery, the attachments use pressure to reduce soreness and help keep your body mobile and ready to take on another game day. Think of it like a deep-tissue massage. The pressure is significant enough to mobilize lactic acid buildup, so your downtime is shorter, and you aren’t left feeling sore.


Let’s take the Boots as an example. They start to fill with air first at your feet (distal) and then work up to your calves, knees, then thighs (proximal). This design mimics your body’s natural processes. Working distal to proximal also works like your body to speed up recovery. The dynamic compression improves circulation and gets rid of swelling.


The first cycle is the lightest since air is filling the entire attachment. After a few cycles, you feel the intensity increase. Rapid Reboot mimics a deep-tissue massage using high pressures and quick cycle times to massage out lactic acid and enhance your blood flow.


Rapid Reboot repeats cycles to continue improving mobility and reducing soreness. When you step out of a session, you’ll notice mobility right away. Your muscles naturally get warmer and stretched out during a session. So the beauty is you don’t need to sit in a session of yoga to get a good stretch.


At events, we see our athletes stand up and test this mobility with a deep squat. Our favorite moment is their surprise noticing changes in how they feel after a quick, 10-minute round in the Boots.


No matter how long you’re recovering each day, you’ll notice that Rapid Reboot can help facilitate many of the following effects over time:


  • Improve lymph flow
  • Enhance circulation
  • Reduce swelling
  • Remove metabolites
  • Facilitate glycogen
  • Increase mobility
  • Eliminate stiffness
  • Reduce blood lactate
  • Enhance performance
  • Mitigate soreness
  • Add longevity


Rapid Reboot will give you the competitive edge and a great massage to keep you coming back. But more importantly, it’ll keep you fresh on your toes for game day.