Set up your GENESIS  Control Unit

Learn how to set up and use your new GENESIS Control Unit.


To get the most out of your GENESIS Control Unit, you need a mobile device with the Rapid Reboot App downloaded. You also need to make sure that your mobile device has Bluetooth turned on.

Download the iOS Rapid Reboot App.
Download the Android Rapid Reboot App.


Watch PAIR Tutorial Video

  • Download the Rapid Reboot App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  • Open the app and turn on your GENESIS Control Unit.
  • The app defaults to the Pair page, where your unit’s default name is shown. You can rename your unit later using My System in the app’s menu.
  • Slide the toggle icon next to your GENESIS to ON.
  • Select Pair.

Rapid Reboot GENESIS Recovery Modes Guide Tutorial


Watch MODES Tutorial Video

  • Tap either of the Mode icons in the app or on your GENESIS Control Unit to select the mode you wish to apply to your session. This is the preset sequence in which chambers will inflate and deflate.
  • A MODE is a sectional mode that is great for improving circulation during warm-ups, rehab, and relaxation.
  • B MODE is a full flush mode ideal for post-exertion recovery, swelling, and sore and tight muscles.
  • Each mode provides benefits of improved circulation and enhanced lymphatic function and thus can be used at any time. They vary in terms of inherent intensity, which different users may find more preferential at different times.

Rapid Reboot GENESIS Pressure Levels Guide Tutorial


Watch PRESSURE LEVELS Tutorial Video

  • Use the Pressure dial in the app or on your GENESIS Control Unit.
  • Simply touch the dial or use the +/- buttons to adjust your pressure levels.
  • There are 10 levels of pressure ranging from 10-200mmHg.
  • This can be adjusted at any time during a session.

Rapid Reboot GENESIS Pressure Tuning Guide Tutorial


Watch PRESSURE TUNING Tutorial Video

  • Tap the chamber you wish to adjust in the Chamber section in the app or on your GENESIS Control Unit.
  • Tap the chamber once to increase the chamber by 1 level. Instead of the chamber number, you will see the + icon.
  • Tap the chamber twice to decrease the chamber by 1 level. Instead of the chamber number, you will see the - icon.
  • Press and hold the chamber to turn it off entirely. The icon will be greyed out to indicate the chamber is off.

Rapid Reboot GENESIS Session Time Guide Tutorial


Watch SESSION TIME Tutorial Video

  • Locate the Session Time icon in the app or on your GENESIS Control Unit.
  • Using the arrows, adjust the time by 5 minute intervals. This is the total duration of your treatment session.


If you still need help setting up your GENESIS or have further questions, contact Customer Service.