Our minds control it all when it comes to game day, and most of us don’t train them with the same intensity that we do our bodies. It’s hard to make time to sit still on a hectic day. That’s why we love recovering in Rapid Reboot to unwind both our minds and bodies after a particularly busy day. A two-in-one never looked so good.


Rapid Reboot has session run times anywhere from 10-30 minutes, so it gives just enough time to fit in a short meditation or to indulge in a longer half-hour session with some time to reflect and work on the mind.


One of the most invaluable benefits of Rapid Reboot is that it allows you to dramatically improve your recovery and performance while giving you time to relax, unwind, and focus your undivided attention on other things, whether you’re in the training room watching game film or on the couch at home with those you love.


Ironman Champ and Rapid Reboot athlete Ben Hoffman loves using his time in the boots to mentally unwind and connect with family. With so much time dedicated to training and eating well, it’s nice to embrace an active recovery while taking your mind off the rigorous routine.


So how can you capitalize on time rebooting? Try these simple hacks.


Find a meditation process that you like on an app or on YouTube. One of our favorites is Headspace. All you need to do for most guided meditation sessions is click play.


One tip we recommend is avoiding a certain expectation for your meditation. If you had a bad training week or are feeling overwhelmed from a tough day, it’s easy to add pressure to your meditation. Avoid setting expectations, and simply focus on clicking play. After time, you’ll notice a big change in your capacity to deal with tough situations, especially on game day.


This one’s also a favorite because we can practice positive thinking anywhere. With gyms and outdoor spaces closed, we know training became a real challenge this year. COVID-19 provided a natural opportunity to focus on mindset and mental toughness.


There are many directions you can take your positive thinking. One route is reciting a few positive affirmations each time you recover. Another is embracing your imaginative side and picturing yourself going through competition day. Picture it all. What you’re wearing, who is around you, what the startline or competition looks like. Take yourself through the entire competition with an air of confidence knowing you trained, and you’re ready. When we go through a situation with our minds, we are much more confident and ready to take on the situation in reality when it matters.


After a solid routine of practicing positive thinking, your mental toughness will undoubtedly improve, and we know you’ll bring the edge.


What meditation practices or positive thinking routines have worked for you?