On The Fence About Buying? Read This.

Apr 24, 2020

Are you going back and forth about buying your own system? We get it. This is an investment, and one we here at Rapid Reboot, who are only a bit biased, believe is well worth it. So while you’re considering whether that’s true, let’s talk about the product and service you can expect from our team.


Sounds silly, but we all know one size never fits all. We are proud to offer five sizes in the Boots attachment, two in the Hips, and two in the Arms. If you’ve been working on those leg gains, we also offer Boot expanders to give breathable space for you to recover.

Two Modes For Custom Recovery

Mode A: This mode is designed to be a lighter, more therapeutic setting. Mode A fills one section with air and releases before moving to the next section. Many of our athletes like to use Mode A as a preworkout. 

Mode B: This mode is designed to be a more intense, recovery mode. Mode B fills one section with air and holds it. It then continues to the next section, and the next, until all are filled with air. Then, it releases the air and begins another cycle. Mode B is great as a post workout recovery.

Custom Pressure Settings

Whether you want to go for the deep-tissue massage or you’re looking for a lighter recovery, we’ve got your back. You may recover on any pressure level from 20-200 mmHg. One of our favorite ways to recover is setting the control unit to Mode A and maxing out the pressure at 200 mmHg. You’re still a boss for maxing out, but you don’t feel all the intensity that Mode B entails.

Convenient Hose Location

Our hoses are placed on the top of each attachment to keep plugging and unplugging in the control unit easy for you. We heard you and made a change.

Ease Of Pulling On And Off

There’s no need to unzip your Boots every time you’ve finished a session. Simply allow them to deflate a bit, and slide them off. 

Time-Sensitive Sessions

Run the system 10, 20, or 30 minutes to enhance your recovery on your own time. Feel free to repeat a session if you find yourself indulging in your favorite Netflix show.

Chamber Control

Your needs vary from the next athlete’s. That’s why we made our chambers custom to you. Each attachment (Boots, Hips, and Arms) features four compartments, which target different parts of the body. Each of these compartments may be turned on and off to customize your perfect recovery.

Triangular Foot Compartments

It’s all in the details. We tested feet shapes for the boots and noticed some shapes didn’t fully cover the foot and ankle. We went with triangular foot compartments, so not an inch of your feet or ankles goes unnoticed.

Durable And Easy To Clean

We’ve all been there. You’ve bought a luxury product and want to keep it in top condition, but when you notice a smudge or scrape, you’re too scared to touch it and don’t know how to properly clean the product. Our attachments are smooth and seamless, so you can easily clean them with a disinfectant wipe or wet rag. Pro Tip: Unzip the attachments. Wipe the interiors. Allow them to air-dry for a few minutes. 


Our attachments also feature double-track zippers to keep the air tight and secure during your recovery. 

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Still not convinced about trying the system yourself? We totally get it. That’s why we let you try the system with a money-back guarantee. See for yourself whether our products live up to the hype (peep our Instagram).
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