Long Term Impairment

The Journal of Orthopaedic And Sports Physical Therapy

“Compression has been used to reduce swelling, promote alignment of scar tissue, and provide proprioceptive input to the injured body part.”

“In our study, compression was found to promote faster recovery of force production, prevent swelling and loss of elbow extension at rest in the exercised arm, and allowed subjects to return to daily activities sooner.”

Kraemer, W. J., Bush, J. A., Wickham, R. B., Denegar, C. R., Gómez, A. L., Gotshalk, L. A., Sebastianelli, W. J. (2001). Influence of compression therapy on symptoms following soft tissue injury from maximal eccentric exercise. The Journal Of Orthopaedic And Sports Physical Therapy, 31(6), 282-290