Metabolites “are the intermediate products of metabolic reactions catalyzed by various enzymes that naturally occur within cells.” The term metabolite can “represent a building block of a larger structure,” or, after increased metabolism, such as after a heavy workout, the term metabolite is used to describe “degraded product destined for excretion.” Rapid Reboot, by improving circulation and mobilizing fluid in your leg, helps speed up your body’s natural recovery process of removing these by-products, helping you feel fresher faster.

Journal Of Strength & Conditioning Research

“Indeed, dynamic EPC (external pneumatic compression) devices promote circulation in limbs, lymphatic flow, and clearance of metabolites, which have been implicated as major players in repeated sports performance (2,13).”

Martin, J. S., Freiedenreich, Z. D., Borges, A. R., & Roberts, M. D. (2015). Acute effects of peristaltic pneumatic compression on repeated anaerobic exercise performance and blood lactate clearance. Journal Of Strength & Conditioning Research, 29(10), 2900-2906.