Swelling and Inflammation
Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

“One such therapy that has been used for the reduction of swelling in the limbs is intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC). IPC, a mechanical squeezing of the limb, has been used effectively for treatment of swelling caused by lymphatic disorders or posttraumatic edema. Specifically, studies showed a significant reduction in swelling after IPC both in cases of acute ankle sprains and after cast removal subsequent to leg fractures. In addition to decreasing swelling, IPC treatments have produced increased range of motion of involved joints.”

MS Gary S. Chleboun, PhD John N. Howell, BS Heather L. Baker, BS Tina N. Ballard, BS Jennifer L. Graham, BS Holly L. Hallman, BS Lori E. Perkins, BS Jonathan H. Schauss, MS Robert R. Conatser. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Volume 76, Issue 8.
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