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There's no question why the top tier athletes choose our top tier recovery.

Diamond Ott

Military Trainer

"It has changed the recovery process for me. A lot. Big time."

Ben Hoffman

7X Ironman Champion

"I would absolutely recommend this product to other athletes. Just make the leap. I promise you will enjoy it."

Jocelyn McCauley

2X Ironman Champion

"It's like having a very convenient and cheaper, massage available to you whenever you need it."

Kevon Looney

Golden State Warriors

Kari Pearce

2020 fittest woman in us


Elite professional athletes like bogdanbogdanovic use the Rapid Reboot Compression Boots system to help them recover and feel fresh the next day.

Now available at RecoveryForAthletes.com
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MotoGP and Rapid Reboot 🏍🔋
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We are 18 days into 2020. Perhaps you have decided to set some new goals. Maybe you’ve already missed a day or two or even six. But guess what? That’s ok! Part of the process of chasing goals is to listen to our bodies and take rest days when necessary. Coming off my two week break, I had a grumpy peroneal tendon which altered my usual running progression. Then just as I was running consistently, I got sick which had me on the couch the last few days. I was frustrated by the situation and felt lazy for missing training. Then I realized getting sick is an indication I need to slow down and take time to recover. Breathe. Relax. Don't rush back too soon. Continue to take care of the little things. Thank you rapidreboot for the support and allowing me to maximize recovery during my downtime. #rapidreboot #listentoyourbody #teamnuun #nuunelite #JustAthletics ...

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I’ve been up in the Adirondacks for about 2 weeks now and I’m taking the time I never had to heal and reset. Big thanks to rapidreboot for the home set up.
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Just finished a solid mid-day ride and now it’s time for some rapidreboot recovery! If you are interested in purchasing a device send me a DM so I can give you my 20% off promo code.

If you have a road bike and live in LA let’s ride 💙

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We got new toys this week! The goal at EAP is not to be a just a “weight room” although the weight room is a large component that our program revolves around. It’s a one stop shop for athletes to become there very best.
Recovery is crucial.
These kids go non-stop. We have to help them repair their bodies if they’re going to be their best.
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Somebody buy me new legs please 😂
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We’ve been VERY excited to talk about this device! But before we do, a quick background for those new to our page...We both have something called POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). With high heart rate /low blood pressure also comes muscle pain, poor circulation, blood pooling in the bottom half of the body (when standing), swelling & a ton of other fun symptoms. We often wear compression leggings/socks to help combat some of these negative effects. ⠀

Okay now back to this funky looking device - Rapid Reboot is a compression machine & basically everything it does aims to greatly help our symptoms. Technically, it’s usually used for athletes who need muscle recovery, but us chronic illness people need some relief too 🤪 ⠀

What compression machines do: ⠀
• reduces inflammation ⠀
• breaks up lactic acid ⠀
• speeds muscle recovery ⠀
• improves circulation ⠀
• prevents delayed onset muscle soreness/improves muscles pains ⠀
• helps avoid the appearance of cellulite⠀
• enhances lymphatic flow⠀
• decreases edema (swelling!)⠀
• decreases muscle fatigue ⠀

We’ve been wanting this for so many reasons & after a LOT of research we went with rapidreboot Their device is top of the line, has a full body compression option (not just for legs- we’ll be showing more of it soon) & its super quite - which is perfect because we mainly use this while watching Netflix. We reached out & Rabid Reboot is giving 10% off any order with code TWOBEINGHEALTHY for anyone interested✨

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Rest days are the best days.

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Everyone can work hard, the best learn to recover.
My rapidreboot REVIEW is up on my blog (link in bio)🔥
I was a collegiate athlete forced to recover, worked in physical therapy and chiropractic and did therapy all day with patients, but when I was forced to “figure” it out on my own - y’all it is HARD to make the time and find what works I get it.
I used at least one piece of my Rapid Reboot system for most days in the last month! .
I can truly tell as difference and I can’t wait to use them with all the upcoming races in 2020!! .
Have you ever used the Rapid Reboot before?? Did y’all know they have a hip attachment ?? - seriously my fav part!! #rapidreboot #trainrebootrepeat

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“ rapidreboot dynamic compression technology is ideal for post-workout recovery because it enhances blood circulation, removes lactic acid, and reduces swelling and inflammation. At the same time, #rapidreboot has a variety of medical indications, including lymphedema, venous insufficiency, and venous thromboembolism prophylaxis. It can also be applied to other circulation-related issues that stem from varicose veins, diabetes, surgery, injury, etc.”
⭐️ rapidreboot is available at all of our locations
⭐️ DM or email us to schedule your session

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You’re not over-worked. You are under-recovered. Recovery takes effort. Train like a pro, recover like a pro. rapidreboot

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Another 60+ mile week in the books and athlete plans done for the week! ✅
My recovery has noticeably improved since I started using rapidreboot a couple months ago. I’ve been able to reduce my random and unplanned days off spent resting minor aches and pains. Which means more miles that translates to more fitness! 💪🏻
Hope you are enjoying your Sunday! Happy training and recovering, friends! 👊🏻

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Recovery is just as important as the workout! Bridgewater Performance preaches a more holistic approach. Through these tough times make sure you’re staying hydrated and active. A weak immune system won’t help this pandemic. #bridgewaterperformance #lionmentality #youvsyou #trainwiththebest #recovery #rapidreboot ...

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One thing I practice and coach regularly is recovery as a key component of training. It’s essential. That always starts with enough sleep, hydration, and nutrition. And after you master the basics, you can take it to the next level with various recovery techniques. 👌🏼
But I’ve learned in this crazy and chaotic season of my life, that sometimes very important basics, such as sleep, may need to be sacrificed time to time. I no longer get an ideal 8 hours of sleep per night. I’m a father of 4, running a business, married to an endurance athlete and coach, and training for ultra’s! 🤪
And that’s when rapidreboot has made the most dramatic impact in my recovery! I know that I can spend a quality 30 minutes with these boots, while reading a book, and feel absolutely amazing afterwards!
I may not get in all the ideal sleep I would like, but I can be smart and utilize sound and proven techniques available to make up some of the difference!

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