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There's no question why the top tier athletes choose our top tier recovery.

Duncan Robinson

Professional Basketball Player

"Rapid Reboot is the future of rapid recovery."

Jessica McDonald

Professional Soccer Player

"Recovery no longer holds me back."

Ben Hoffman

7X Ironman Champion

"I would absolutely recommend this product to other athletes. Just make the leap. I promise you will enjoy it."

Jocelyn McCauley

2X Ironman Champion

"It's like having a very convenient and cheaper, massage available to you whenever you need it."

Kevon Looney

Golden State Warriors

Zayne Anderson

Kansas City Chiefs Defensive Back

Drew Manning


Charles Abouo

Basketball Player ESSM Le Portel

Payton Henry

Miami Marlins Catcher

Diamond Ott

Military Trainer


Everyone can work hard, the best learn to recover.
My rapidreboot REVIEW is up on my blog (link in bio)🔥
I was a collegiate athlete forced to recover, worked in physical therapy and chiropractic and did therapy all day with patients, but when I was forced to “figure” it out on my own - y’all it is HARD to make the time and find what works I get it.
I used at least one piece of my Rapid Reboot system for most days in the last month! .
I can truly tell as difference and I can’t wait to use them with all the upcoming races in 2020!! .
Have you ever used the Rapid Reboot before?? Did y’all know they have a hip attachment ?? - seriously my fav part!! #rapidreboot #trainrebootrepeat

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Rest days are the best days.

0 Miles

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Day of rest brought to you by rapidreboot 🤙🏻 #rapidreboot #trainbootrepeat ...

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I’m all about multitasking! I make sure I get in my rapidreboot boots once a day to help with my recovery. Half of the time I’m in them, I’m eating and the other half I’m doing work, usually something for PowerAbs, on my computer.

If you know me, you know I’m a fast paced person so getting two things done at once makes me happy 😊 also this leaves no excuses not to get that recovery in!

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When you train hard, you have to recover just as hard!

justincotler has been programming all the squats so have to make sure these legs are ready work. rapidreboot brings them back to life so I can continue to hit it hard! It’s as easy and throwing the boots on, zipping the zipper and pressing the on and start button.

I know all the legs gains will be coming soon!

Use code Kari for 10% off!

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#christmas came early this year! ausmatt cannot keep secrets very well.

Excited to see if the compression boots are worth all the hype! So far....I’m a fan!!

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Just taking a minute to relax and enjoy my recovery with rapidreboot.

I train hard but also appreciate relaxing. When I was younger, I definitely didn’t understand recovery the way I do now.

Who else learned to respect your time away from training more as they got older?

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As preseason has kicked off, I have been able to rely on my rapidreboot for recovery. These bad boys are going to help me throughout my journey as I head to Utah for the nwsl Challenge Cup in a few weeks. So grateful to team up with this company. As professional athletes, we have to be very strict with what we do recovery wise for longevity. Compression is a huge part of that, thanks to rapidreboot to help me throughout my journey 🙌🏽 #Recovery #Compression #RapidReboot ...

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That’s right, I smile even when I recover 😊 With all of the training I do, I have to make sure I take good care of my body! rapidreboot offers dynamic compression proven to enhance blood flow, eliminate soreness, and speed up recovery. Just what I need to keep training hard!

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When it feels like everyday is leg day, it’s important to make sure my recovery is on point. I’m working on getting my legs stronger so they take quite a beating. I make sure to use rapid reboot almost every night whether it’s while I’m doing work, eating, or just relaxing. It reduces muscle soreness and increases circulation. This allows me to hit it hard in the gym everyday.

It’s critical to train hard but equally as important to put that much effort into recovery!

What are your favorite recovery tricks?

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💚💚💚 rapidreboot will get and keep you right! #rapidreboot #rapidrebootathlete #rapidrebootrecovery #rapidrebootcompressiontherapy ...

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I’ve been up in the Adirondacks for about 2 weeks now and I’m taking the time I never had to heal and reset. Big thanks to rapidreboot for the home set up.
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It’s Monday... who else had a big weekend of training?
If your legs are feeling a bit heavy, no better time for me to announce rapidreboot Run For Your Money Challenge. The team has devised a way to inspire you to get out there to enjoy some miles AND have a chance to win recovery products from Rapid Reboot.
Here’s how it works. Starting today, June 15 - July 20, every 25 miles you log in the Rapid Reboot Run Club in Strava enters you to win one of 6 giveaway prizes. More miles equal more entries.
At the end of the challenge, your miles can be redeemed for dollars off any Rapid Reboot recovery system. Think of your miles like frequent RUNNER miles.
Visit for more information. See you out there! . See you out there! #trainrebootrepeat #rapidreboot

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Being more than halfway through our season and a tough schedule ahead, my ability to recover quickly is key to success on the pitch. rapidreboot allows me to do just that. Recover like a pro with rapidreboot
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We are 18 days into 2020. Perhaps you have decided to set some new goals. Maybe you’ve already missed a day or two or even six. But guess what? That’s ok! Part of the process of chasing goals is to listen to our bodies and take rest days when necessary. Coming off my two week break, I had a grumpy peroneal tendon which altered my usual running progression. Then just as I was running consistently, I got sick which had me on the couch the last few days. I was frustrated by the situation and felt lazy for missing training. Then I realized getting sick is an indication I need to slow down and take time to recover. Breathe. Relax. Don't rush back too soon. Continue to take care of the little things. Thank you rapidreboot for the support and allowing me to maximize recovery during my downtime. #rapidreboot #listentoyourbody #teamnuun #nuunelite #JustAthletics ...

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