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There's no question why the top tier athletes choose our top tier recovery.

Diamond Ott

Military Trainer

"It has changed the recovery process for me. A lot. Big time."

Ben Hoffman

7X Ironman Champion

"I would absolutely recommend this product to other athletes. Just make the leap. I promise you will enjoy it."

Jocelyn McCauley

2X Ironman Champion

"It's like having a very convenient and cheaper, massage available to you whenever you need it."

Kevon Looney

Golden State Warriors

Kari Pearce

2020 fittest woman in us


Everyone can work hard, the best learn to recover.
My rapidreboot REVIEW is up on my blog (link in bio)🔥
I was a collegiate athlete forced to recover, worked in physical therapy and chiropractic and did therapy all day with patients, but when I was forced to “figure” it out on my own - y’all it is HARD to make the time and find what works I get it.
I used at least one piece of my Rapid Reboot system for most days in the last month! .
I can truly tell as difference and I can’t wait to use them with all the upcoming races in 2020!! .
Have you ever used the Rapid Reboot before?? Did y’all know they have a hip attachment ?? - seriously my fav part!! #rapidreboot #trainrebootrepeat

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Rest days are the best days.

0 Miles

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After a day of shopping hit up rapidreboot
Living the life!
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#christmas came early this year! ausmatt cannot keep secrets very well.

Excited to see if the compression boots are worth all the hype! So far....I’m a fan!!

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Scored some snuggles during my quick 10 minute rapidreboot session. She rarely does this any more! 😍
Rounded out my 47.5 miles week with an 11 mile LR with runsaigeyrun on the trails in Orange and a quick Reboot was necessary to kickstart my recovery. Looking at 50+ next week! 🤗
#rapidreboot #sundaylongrun #longrunrecovery

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That’s right, I smile even when I recover 😊 With all of the training I do, I have to make sure I take good care of my body! rapidreboot offers dynamic compression proven to enhance blood flow, eliminate soreness, and speed up recovery. Just what I need to keep training hard!

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I’ve been up in the Adirondacks for about 2 weeks now and I’m taking the time I never had to heal and reset. Big thanks to rapidreboot for the home set up.
#rapidreboot #recovery #adirondacks

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When you train hard, you have to recover just as hard!

justincotler has been programming all the squats so have to make sure these legs are ready work. rapidreboot brings them back to life so I can continue to hit it hard! It’s as easy and throwing the boots on, zipping the zipper and pressing the on and start button.

I know all the legs gains will be coming soon!

Use code Kari for 10% off!

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Just taking a minute to relax and enjoy my recovery with rapidreboot.

I train hard but also appreciate relaxing. When I was younger, I definitely didn’t understand recovery the way I do now.

Who else learned to respect your time away from training more as they got older?

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I’m not working out with nearly the volume or intensity that I normally do but I’m still making sure that I spend time on recovery. Plus hey, it gives me a good reason to lay here for a few minutes and enjoy some Netflix!

The rapidreboot compression system is a game changer for me. Not only is it super easy to use but I can feel the difference with my recovery. I make it a priority to use the system multiple times a week!

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Somebody buy me new legs please 😂
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💚💚💚 rapidreboot will get and keep you right! #rapidreboot #rapidrebootathlete #rapidrebootrecovery #rapidrebootcompressiontherapy ...

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One thing I practice and coach regularly is recovery as a key component of training. It’s essential. That always starts with enough sleep, hydration, and nutrition. And after you master the basics, you can take it to the next level with various recovery techniques. 👌🏼
But I’ve learned in this crazy and chaotic season of my life, that sometimes very important basics, such as sleep, may need to be sacrificed time to time. I no longer get an ideal 8 hours of sleep per night. I’m a father of 4, running a business, married to an endurance athlete and coach, and training for ultra’s! 🤪
And that’s when rapidreboot has made the most dramatic impact in my recovery! I know that I can spend a quality 30 minutes with these boots, while reading a book, and feel absolutely amazing afterwards!
I may not get in all the ideal sleep I would like, but I can be smart and utilize sound and proven techniques available to make up some of the difference!

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Recovering after a long day with RapidReboot. Really loving all of the different settings these boots have. #RapidReboot ...

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In just under 8 weeks I’ll be heading out to Duluth for my first half marathon post-baby numero ✌🏼 and you can bet that my rapidreboot system will be making the trip with me!
The first thing I thought when my boots arrived in the mail was “that must be a different package” because I didn’t think there was anyway the Rapid ReBoot system fit in a box that small... but nope! It was the boots!
I love how the compression helps my legs recover more quickly after hard or long sessions but with lots of destination races on the schedule over the next year I’m so so glad that the system is compact and light enough to bring with me on trips. There’s nothing quite like a little session in the rapidreboot system after a long day of travel to refresh the legs and get them ready to run fast!
#rapidreboot #trainrebootrepeat

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