says Brett Miller, President of Legacy Sports USA, the organization and driving force behind Bell Bank Park, a brand new $280 million, 320-acre sports and entertainment complex located in Mesa, AZ.

Bell Bank Park is dedicated to hosting premiere tournament events, “as well as offering opportunities for athletes of all ages and at all levels to develop skills and enjoy training and competition,” according to its website. The complex boasts 55 indoor volleyball courts, 35 soccer/football/lacrosse fields, 19 basketball courts, 8 baseball/softball fields, 12 beach volleyball courts,  41 pickleball courts, 22 futsal courts, an e-sports venue, a sports performance training center and even a large onsite restaurant, the GOAT, making it the largest park of its kind in North America. But all that space does not go to waste; the park is booked out almost every weekend this year with tournaments, camps, concerts, and other events, many of which are on multi-year contracts.


In addition to operating the courts and fields, Legacy Sports USA works closely with Peak Athletic Recovery to manage a 6,000+ sq. ft. state-of-the-art wellness center specializing in industry-leading therapies, treatment modalities and equipment to bring recovery and performance training to athletes of all ages.

“By partnering with the industries global leaders, we are able to offer best-in-class wellness services tailored to your specific recovery needs.”

Rapid Reboot is proud to be a key partner of Legacy and Peak by providing its best-in-class compression recovery system, the patented, award-winning REGEN, and accessories such as its ultra-quiet but powerful REPLAY percussion massager.

“Seeing what Legacy Sports USA, the Miller family, OVG, Peak Performance, and so many others have done to make Bell Bank Park a reality is inspiring,” notes Robbie Jenkins, Rapid Reboot’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We’re proud to be a small part of elevating the experience of the athletes and teams who come to the park in a way that makes them eager to return. We want to reinforce the idea that when they compete at Bell Bank, they know they’re getting the best: the best facilities, the best care, the best recovery.”

Peak Performance, with its staff of qualified medical professionals with decades of experience in sports therapy and recovery, is a critical component to providing recovery to as many of the athletes who visit the park as possible.

“We offer things from sports medicine to on-field coverage, to sports physical therapy and rehab,” says Dr. Brian Barney, President of Clinical Infrastructure at Peak Athletic Recovery. “We do a lot of injury prevention and management. We have some of the best technology that you’ll ever see. We would equate ourselves to a high-level college or even a professional level with some of the items and services that we have available.”

“Recovery really optimizes training,” Dr. Barney emphasizes. “It’s important to train but it’s equally important to recover. So then you can train and perform at your highest level. The end result is improved performance. So you can go out and reproduce your level of play, especially on some of these longer tournaments where you’re playing back to back to back games.”

“It gives you an edge over your competitors where now you’re not sore and your competitors are.”

“We offer compression boots through our partnership with Rapid Reboot. All these services help any athlete of any age reach their optimal potential,” says Dr. Eric Neufang, Director of Recovery. “If you’re fatigued, recovery plays a huge factor in that. If you play 2 or 3 games you come into the boots you get compression your legs feel like they never played that day. It gives you an edge over your competitors where now you’re not sore and your competitors are.”

Dr. Neufang continues, “No matter what the sport, no matter what the athlete, recovery is imperative for them to compete at the highest level. So whether it’s pickleball in a 70-year-old, or flag football in a 10-year-old they can benefit from recovery and the compression boots.”

“We love this stuff,” adds Legacy president Brett Miller. “When their legs are tired, when they want to warm-up, Rapid Reboot is the way to go.”