Athletic recovery has advanced quickly in the past few years. New technologies are changing the way people recover from injury, surgery, or even daily training. At the forefront of these technologies is compression therapy, a clinically and scientifically proven method for recovery. Compression therapy speeds up recovery by improving circulation and lymphatic function, and reducing soreness and swelling.


As a leader in compression therapy, Rapid Reboot® has focused on expanding its innovative technology within sports medicine and athletic recovery. To better reach every athlete at every level, Rapid Reboot teamed up with Recovery For Athletes (RFA) in 2019.


“With our expertise and RFA’s network, we are able to amplify our reach to a wide audience, from professional and Olympic athletes competing at the highest levels to weekend warriors looking to stay healthy,” said Robbie Jenkins, Rapid Reboot CMO and co-founder. “RFA also allows athletes to complement our FDA-cleared compression therapy with other accessories to build their own personalized recovery toolkit.”


In 2017, the Global Sports Rehabilitation Market1  generated $5.78 billion. By 2026, it is expected to be worth more than $8 billion. With the influx of products and brands in the market, it can be hard for athletes to know what and who to trust.


RFA has quickly become a key platform for athletes of all levels to order the best quality athletic recovery equipment in the industry, including dynamic compression systems, percussion massagers, muscle stimulators, and more.


“Being a professional tennis player, I would find whatever edge it took to win. Before discovering the latest athletic recovery technology, I would normally take a miserable ice bath or use a basic foam roller to help with muscle soreness,” said Aron Hiltzik, RFA co-founder. “When I learned about emerging technology such as Rapid Reboot’s compression Boots, Hips, and Arms, I did my best to not tell anyone since I knew how big of a game-changer this was. Once the word got out, though, I knew I had to be a part of this industry.”


As partners in delivering athletic recovery technology to more people, Rapid Reboot and RFA both pride themselves on their customer service. Combine this with the caliber of products they offer, and it’s easy to see that this partnership will be leading the pack for years to come.