Gravity Chair Bundle

The complete setup featuring a Rapid Reboot Zero Gravity Chair, Unit Caddy and RECHARGE power bank.


Whats Included




Build Out Your

Recovery center

Elevate any space with one or more Rapid Reboot Zero Gravity chairs to crate your own Rapid Reboot Recovery Center


To Be Strong

For The Strong

Made of durable powder-coated aluminum with a unique design, the rapid Reboot Zero Gravity Chair can hold up to 300 ;bs.


To Clean

Premium mesh and polyester fabric offer breathability and maximum comfort while still being easy to clean.

The Simplest

Of Setups

Eliminate the hassle of side tables and loose wires. Keep your REGEN or GENESIS within reach at all times with the Unit Caddy.


The Game

Charge your REGEN or GENESIS Control Unit on the go with the RECHARGE power bank.

Get It


Extend your REGEN by 1 full charge or your GENESIS up to 2 full charges so it is ready whenever you are.

Keep Your



With 2 USB ports, a Type-C port and a 20 Volt DC-Out the RECHARGE is your all-in-one power bank for all your accessories.



Compact and lightweight, the RECHARGE is TSA compliant and perfect for your carry-on luggage.


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