The Boots Attachment is Rapid Reboot’s most popular selling compression sleeve by far. This makes sense given that most sports involve being on your feet and running. But did you know Rapid Reboot also makes an attachment for your hips, glutes, and lower back? In fact, Rapid Reboot’s Hips Attachment might be its best kept secret.


Here are the top 3 reasons the Hips Attachment shouldn’t be overlooked.


First of all, there is literally no other compression sleeve out there like it.


While other brands offer compression sleeves that “target” your midsection, the chamber designs, pressure settings, cycle times, and other factors actually make their attachments either uncomfortable or ineffective.


For example, Normatec’s hips only have 2 zones, a top zone and a bottom zone. When paired with an almost 5 minute cycle time, the stagnant compression can become uncomfortable, according to Olympic and 2019’s top US marathoner, Jared Ward. Also, the pocket that covers your lower back has a seam down the middle, causing the pocket to fold away from your back when it inflates, making it ineffective.


Compare that with Rapid Reboot’s Hips Attachment with its 4 zones, or chambers,. The fourth chamber specifically concentrates compression on your lower back. It doesn’t buckle and fold away from your back; rather, it compresses inward. And since Rapid Reboot’s cycle times are almost 4 times faster, you get more cycles within a session. This means more flushes and subsequently more rest time for each zone. An added benefit is this: you can apply more pressure (i.e., more myofascial release and deep tissue compression) without it getting uncomfortable.


And yes, men, it’s designed to not compress you in the wrong spot.


So much of your body’s mechanics relate to or stem from your core. “Think of your core muscles as the sturdy central link in a chain connecting your upper and lower body,” says an article in Harvard Health Publishing.


Using compression to relieve tension and activate your muscles in these areas – thighs and hamstrings, hips, glutes, and lower back – can have a dramatic, chain reaction-type effect on the rest of your body’s musculoskeletal system.


Equally important are the lymph nodes in your core. In fact, your groin and gut contain some of the largest concentrations of lymph nodes in the body. (link) Flushing these nodes of lymph fluid can help keep your system clear and eliminate swelling in your extremities.


Given the benefits and that it can be used everyday, multiple times a day as your at-home personal massage therapist/physical therapist/chiropractor, the Hips Attachment pays for itself after only a few uses!


This is especially true if you already have or are considering purchasing the Standard Boots System, which retails for $995. Adding the Hips Attachment only costs an additional $295, but gives you the ability to double the areas of your body you can treat.


Of course, if your core really is your problem area, like it was for Barbara at the Crossfit Games (you can read her story here), then you can always opt to start with a Standard Hips System (Control Unit+Hips). Either way, getting the Control Unit is the first step to building the package that best fits your needs!


With its unique design, physiological benefits, and unbeatable price, the Hips is too good to overlook and pass up. It could be your best kept secret for that competitive edge.


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