Many of our athletes max out the pressure with the Boots attachment, but the Hips are a different story. The nature of the attachment makes recovering feel more intense, so the pressure doesn’t need to be set as high.


Here’s how we recommend optimizing your session in the Hips.


Wear the Hips attachment as high as you can while still recovering comfortably. This way, your lower back doesn’t get gypped on recovery. We’ve found the sweet spot is typically placing the top of the attachment just below the chest. A quick reminder: don’t cinch the Hips too tightly! When the attachment is fully inflated, you don’t want to be uncomfortable because of the buckles.


Try the Hips attachment at a lower setting than you think and raise the pressure to a comfortable point as needed.  For example, if you typically recover with the Boots at 180 mmHg, we recommend trying the Hips attachment between 120-140 mmHg.


Most people prefer the Boots and Arms attachments on Mode B. The Hips attachment is a different story. Some athletes love the Hips on Mode A, our therapeutic mode, while others prefer Mode B, our recovery mode. That means you get to test it out. Try your Hips on Mode A for 10 minutes. Then, reset the system on Mode B to see what you like.

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