“When you talk about the Boston Marathon, you just have to say, ‘Boston’. It’s like saying Kobe or Jordan or Lebron. It just requires one word. And when you say, ‘I’m running Boston’ everyone knows what you mean.”

Jared Ward, Olympic Marathon Runner – REP

The Boston Marathon is one of the oldest and most cherished marathons in the world. Every year runners, athletes, and fans alike travel from around the globe to experience this historic event.

“When I walk up to the start line at [Boston], I’m gunna know that I did everything that I could to be ready and that I built the best team around me to be prepared for this race.” says Jared Ward, Olympic marathon runner and founder of the Run Elit Program in Utah.
How does an athlete prepare for such an endeavor like Boston?

“I’m a product of the team around me.” says Ward, “Having a team and a support system means everything to being ready for [Boston]. And that starts with my family, to my coach, to my training partners, medical partners, and recovery partners that I surround myself with.”

You’re a product of your surroundings. Ward’s made sure that he’s surrounded himself with people and partners that will help him be his best.

How does Recovery play an essential role in preparing for Boston?

“Rapid Reboot has been an integral part of my recovery process for years. The additional blood flow, relaxation, and reboot that I feel gets me ready for the next run.” says Ward. “Blood flow. Compression. Vibration. All of these things work to interact with the body in a way that promotes the healing that’s already happening.”

“You eat good nutrition, it gets in your system, and the compression and other recovery products help circulate and expedite the process that is already happening in the body. What the Rapid Reboot Boots do is dump a little fuel on the process that the body uses naturally to recover.

“I use [the boots] to help me so that I can train at my best. And I use them during tape or before races to make sure that I’m fully recovered and ready to go on the start line.“

Run Elite Program. Utah’s Premier Running Club.

Jared’s also paying it forward with the Run Elite Program (REP). A club he founded to help build, support and lift up the local running community in Utah.

“REP is Utah’s premier professional running club. It’s exciting to have a group here and to have a club and an organization and help and medical network and recovery and training partners that you need to succeed on the national and worldwide stage. We’re excited to leverage all the good that comes out of Utah. Utah has some of the best high school and college programs in the nation for running and per capita we are printing distance runners. It’s fun to have worked with a number of other people here in the state to build this program to support those runners and to support the community and to leverage running in this running community.”

Rapid Reboot has partnered with REP and with Jared Ward because we share the common goal in supporting and building up athletes to help them achieve and resume greatness.

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