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Welcome to the Rapid Reboot team!

We are excited to be an important part of your athletic success by enhancing and accelerating your recovery. As athletes ourselves, we understand the importance of recovery. We also understand the importance of reliability. That is why we set out to create an affordable and reliable compression recovery system that also comes with a reliable warranty. That means more (or less?) time recovering, less time worrying, and more time training.

The Rapid Reboot Recovery System (“Reboot System”) is warranted by Rapid Reboot Recovery Products (“Rapid Reboot”), a Utah corporation, against manufacturing defects, malfunctions, premature product failures, and accidental damages for up to two years from the date of purchase. The Reboot System includes a pair of compression boots with attached hoses, a control device with an internal air pump and user interface, and a carrying case. The warranty extends to all boots and control devices purchased separately or in packages. This warranty is nontransferable, meaning the order number and name used to register the warranty must match the order number and the name of either the buyer and/or recipient of the original order.

After everything we’ve put into it, from material selections to product testing, we’re confident your Reboot System will work for a long time to come. That said, we don’t only stand behind our product––we stand behind you. If anything happens, please contact us first by either emailing us at service@rapidreboot.com or calling 801-899-7511. Each case will be handled on an individual basis, but as applicable, we will (a) correct the issue by repair or by replacement of the affected part; (b) replace the system; or (c) provide an alternative solution that works best for your situation.

We want to help you as best we can. In return, we ask that you treat our product with respect and caution that the warranty may not apply to certain cases, even those occurring within a two-year period from the purchase date. These cases include intentional tampering, failed repair by an individual other than an authorized service representative of Rapid Reboot, purposeful damage or abuse, or damage as a consequence to use contrary to the intended use as outlined in the provided user manual. 

At Rapid Reboot, we are just as invested in you as we are our products. We understand that problems and issues will arise, as they often do in life, but we never want to be one of those problems or issues. We want to help you train, reboot, and repeat for years to come.

Thank you,

Your friends at Rapid Reboot

Below are additional conditions to the RAPID REBOOT RECOVERY SYSTEM 2-YEAR WARRANTY:

The Reboot System is an FDA cleared Class II medical device (K182668). However, as recovery times vary according to people’s age and existing fitness levels, Rapid Reboot warns that existing medical research into the effectiveness of intermittent, sequential pneumatic dynamic compression devices may not apply to every individual. Accordingly, Rapid Reboot can make no promises concerning one’s performance or health while using the Reboot System.

Some states prohibit the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. Cosmetic damage or normal wear and tear may or may not validate a claim. Cases involving issues expressly covered by the warranty but occurring after the established two-year period, or cases involving issues expressly excluded by the warranty still may have options for compensation or coverage and are subject to determination by a representative of Rapid Reboot.

Rapid Reboot makes no other express warranties or implied warranties, including merchantability and fitness for a particular use, except for those expressly stated above. Rapid Reboot has no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage caused to either the system or an individual through improper use, misuse, or inability to use. However, Rapid Reboot does reaffirm its commitment to helping all customers as much as possible on a case-by-case basis, even those not covered under warranty. Such customer service will be based on the nature of the problem or issue and available inventory, replacement parts, and other available resources.

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