While our air compression Boots often dominate the conversation, the Rapid Reboot Arm sleeves, or attachments, have been rapidly gaining popularity. More and more athletes are starting to realize the benefits of compression Boots, so it’s become natural to seek those same benefits for their shoulders and arms. This is especially true for quarterbacks, pitchers, weightlifters, climbers, swimmers, and countless other athletes who use their arms in their respective sports. But what are these benefits, and what do the Arms attachments actually do? Below are 4 key benefits:


One of the most important benefits of wearing dynamic compression arm sleeves is increased blood circulation. By quickly alternating between squeezing and releasing in various chambers along your arm, the compression, which when inflated feels similar to a blood pressure cuff, helps mobilize blood in the veins to help facilitate venous return. In short, the compression helps your body circulate a greater volume of blood faster through your system, returning more nutrient and oxygen-rich blood back to your arm and shoulder muscles faster to help the muscles rebuild and regenerate.

Blood flow is a huge thing for my recovery, and that’s exactly what Rapid Reboot does.

— Chasen Shreve, New York Mets Pitcher


While increased blood flow is critical, an often overlooked aspect of accelerating recovery is improved lymphatic function. The lymphatic system helps maintain your body’s fluid levels and is the main system for delivering immune responses to where they need to be. Unlike the circulatory system, which has your heart as a pump, your lymphatic system relies on muscle contractions to circulate fluid. When your muscles are damaged and fatigued from a hard workout, it directly affects your body’s ability to remove waste, fight infection, and manage swelling and inflammation.

Rapid Reboot’s compression Arm attachments are designed to provide compression to your hand/wrist, forearm, bicep/tricep, and shoulders in a sequential, distal-to-proximal manner. This means they always start at your extremities and work their way towards your chest and core. This helps flush your lymphatic system and lymph nodes, helping them return to normal function faster. The Arms’ proprietary design also ensures the shoulder is covered completely and fastened securely in a way that the compression is directed into the shoulder. Other brands’ designs allow their chambers to inflate away from your body instead of compressing inward.


A distinct feature of Rapid Reboot’s compression is its pressure range. Rapid Reboot’s devices, like the REGEN, offer double the compression range and performance of the competition. This compression allows for athletes to get a tighter squeeze and deeper muscle massage, which in turn improves flexibility and range of motion. A recent university study found that subjects who received Rapid Reboot’s treatment “recorded a greater improvement in their ROM (range of motion) and power output with larger percent increases in hamstring flexibility compared to control subjects” and “a larger improvement in hip range of motion.” This is in line with other studies that have explored how sequential compression can speed up the stretching process.

By applying this same compression to your arms and, most importantly, your shoulder, the Arms provide these same benefits. For the USA Climbing and USA Weightlifting athletes we’ve worked with over the years, greater flexibility and range of motion have been important in preventing injury performing at their best.



The same university study that found greater flexibility and range of motion also found that using Rapid Reboot improved muscle performance in several key ways, including an “increased vertical jump airtime (8.17% vs 5.76%), vertical jump height (2.69% vs 1.47%), and power output (4.82% vs 1.18%) after an eccentric DOMS-inducing exercise.”  In many sports, even just a 1% increase in performance, whether through jumping, throwing, or lifting, can be the difference between a win and a loss. Imagine a pitcher, for example, who can throw the ball just a little faster, or a lifter who can lift a pound more, maybe even a kilo more. That could be the difference between a strikeout and a home-run, or a world record and a failed attempt.

By helping your body regain and improve its muscle performance each time you get back to training, the Rapid Reboot Arms sleeves can help make your best even better.

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