You Bought It. Now What?

May 8, 2020

Use It. A Lot.

This sounds like a no-brainer, but once you’ve got your system, use it often. Try using the Boots as a warm up before you train. Sit in the Hips after an intense workout. Create a habit of recovering with the system, because once you include it in your routine, you’ll notice the greatest benefits. As we know with training, we see the most benefits from consistency. The same is true with rebooting. So pick the time you love to reboot, whether it’s as a warm up or as a recovery, and stick with it. We promise you’ll see a difference in your turnaround time!

Customize Your Settings

It’s your system! Make it feel like yours by choosing your favorite settings for pressure, time, compartment, and sequence. For example, we offer both Mode A and Mode B on our control unit. Mode A fills up one section with air and releases before moving to the next section. Mode B fills up one section and keeps filling until all sections are inflated before releasing. 


Many of our athletes prefer Mode A before a workout and Mode B mode. Either way, you’re receiving the benefits of pneumatic compression. So choose what’s comfortable to you, and go with it!

Keep It Convenient

We get it. The Boots can be tough to fold up. Sometimes it’s easier to keep everything out, but that doesn’t always work with daily living. So try a hook or hanger in your closet. The Boots, Hips, and Arms all have loops at the top of the attachment. Use those loops to hang on a hook in your closet. That way, there’s no need to fold the attachments and deal with them every time you recover. And it keeps you incentivized to use them more often because who wants to unfold and refold attachments every day? We don’t either.


Try these tips, and let us know if you’ve come up with any of your own. We’re always on the hunt for a great life hack.

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