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Myles Turner

Indiana Pacers

“Rapid Reboot has played a tremendous role in my physical stability throughout the season. Being able to use it in the comfort of my home post-game has been amazing for me.”

Fred VanVleet

Toronto Raptors

“I started using Rapid Reboot in the end of the 2018 NBA season and I’ve noticed a drastic difference in my recovery post game. I feel great heading into games, especially off of a back-to-back.”

Brian Ortega

UFC Fighter

“What I love about the Rapid Reboot system is how easy it is to use. After a long day of training, recovery is essential for me to be able to continue to train and compete at the highest level so just putting this on makes a difference. The Rapid Reboot complete package is what I use because I can target multiple body parts at the same time.”

Ben Hoffman

7X IRONMAN® Champion

“Rapid Reboot is an integral part of my training and recovery protocol… I love the comfortable fit, the accelerated fill, and the obvious recovery and pre-workout activation benefits for my muscles. Recovery is just as essential as the punishment I put myself through in training, and Rapid Reboot helps keep me healthy and primed for the next round.”

Logan Aldridge

Adaptive Athlete

“Reboot | Recover | Recharge | Thanks to Rapid Reboot for keeping these legs feeling fresh. It feels amazing too!”

Brian Winters

New York Jets

“It is important for me to keep my legs fresh. Rapid Reboot allows me to do just that, better than any product I have tried. The fit is great, the settings and overall feel of the boots are a big favorite of mine. Rapid Reboot has helped me recover faster from intense training so that I am ready to attack each workout.”

Jordan Lawley

NBA Trainer

“Rapid Reboot has been an essential for our daily training regimen. Whether it’s being used on our amateur or NBA players, every individual leaves their Rapid Reboot recovery session feeling rejuvenated and ready to attack the rest of their day. We love our Rapid Reboot system!”

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