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Amazing customer support

December 21, 2023

We have had the compression sleeve kit for 3+ years and one of the prongs on the leg attachments broke off in the machine. Rapid Reboot took our machine and attachments and completely updated the system to the newer ports for a very reasonable price. Now the system is good as new and our members


Better than Normatec

December 14, 2023

Better than normatec

Dr. Brandon

The BEST Customer Service!

November 27, 2023

Eight years ago I decided to go off the beaten path of the compression boot purchase and I am so glad I did. RR has been nothing but AMAZING in every way. The technology is not only there and right on with the other big named of the same, but the quality and

Debra Wechter

Great Product

November 27, 2023

We use these boots at our physical therapy clinic where they are used about 5-15 times daily. These boots last for about a year before having any sort of issues, and when they do have issues the customer service is always super helpful. We will continue to use these products in our clinic.

Kylee Hart

Great Product, amazing Customer service!

August 18, 2023

We have been using Rapid Reboot for about 4 years. Recently one of the prongs that connect to the main unit broke. They retrofitted all of our accessories for a price that was beyond reasonable and had the whole system back to us quickly. The product is one thing, but how the

Don Murphy

Kendall is extremely helpful

August 16, 2023

Had a lot of back and forth about the product and Kendall was extremely helpful



August 14, 2023

5 stars!!!!!!


My new legs

August 14, 2023

My brother recommended this product to me. After trying his out, I had to purchase my own. When I use the product I call it “putting on my legs” or “getting powered up” like a superhero. It makes me feel rejuvenated when completed. Thanks!


Awesome product and customer service

July 28, 2023

Love my REGEN Complete Package. Great way to recover after runs and HIIT workouts, especially for my knees and hips. Fast shipment after my order. Excellent build quality. Options to move around on battery power and customize programs are very useful. Customer service was very quick to help with my questions. Superb experience end to


Great fit

July 28, 2023

Everything I needed in a recovery tool


Great Product

July 26, 2023

Love the product!

Jorge Wilson

Best investment

July 25, 2023

I recently had a knee replacement surgery and this has been a lifesaver for me to help reduce inflammation and decrease pain. Once I’m healed and able to be more active they will come in handy after exercising.



July 18, 2023

One of the most effective recovery items I own

Jeremy Cannefax

Best customer service EVER!!!

June 30, 2023

Ordered a CLASSIC system that included arms, hips, boot, and a control unit. Also ordered two REVAMP sleeves. The order arrived in three days, more quickly than I had expected (expectations exceeded). After testing the system, I found that the stitching on left leg boot had 1 and 1/2 inches of separation from the base


Great Product.

June 26, 2023

Went with the Rapid Brand because it had the highest compression setting available and you tell the difference. Highly recommend over the other compression competitors.



June 26, 2023

Kendall was awesome. We were able to send our hip attachment and our Regen system in for repair. Kendall and the repair team was able to get both back in impeccable timing. Thank you for your service!

Patrick Wolf

Just got

June 20, 2023

Excited to use


I love this thing!

June 16, 2023

I have been a Rapid Reboot customer for a number of years, and I recently decided it was time to upgrade to the REGEN. This machine offers so many features compared to the old unit - has it's own beautiful screen and has the ability to create and save your own programs. The features alone have been

andrew b ettinger

It's a wonderful feeling

June 12, 2023

I got it for my mother and myself. We both love the way it feels.


Great customer service

June 5, 2023

The customer service team was great in explaining the different systems and benefits of each. Got me the right base unit for my needs. Contact them if you have any questions. Very responsive!


Awesome Customer Service!

May 31, 2023

I was concerned that my order would not arrive in time for an event. I reached out to customer service and not only did I receive a timely response, I was presented with solutions that ensured I would receive my order in time.

Dr. Donita Valentine

Great it!!

May 31, 2023

Had a PT share these with us and all of our basketball clients loved had to purchase our own! These things are top quality and commercial grade and we absolutely love them. Everyone that uses them, just falls in love and they help your legs to feel so much better. Great Product

Andy Cartee

Great product, great customer service

May 22, 2023

I ordered this years and years ago and bring it with me to every frisbee tournament, where the entire team lines up to use them after each tournament day. Recently I lent them to someone and he broke a pin on the connector. Rapid Reboot gave me options to upgrade or just to retrofit my unit


Customer service

May 22, 2023

Had a couple issues with my Regen system and there was no issue getting it fixed. Very helpful, kind and fast service!


Legs feel great

May 17, 2023

I do a great deal of CrossFit so this is my best friend. The system is very easy to use and my legs feel fresh after 30-minutes. I’m tempted to get the back/hips next.

Paul Blake

Awesome Customer Service

May 17, 2023

I placed an order with a time-sensitive delivery. I reached out to customer service and Kendall responded quickly with solutions to help get my device to me ahead of schedule!


Great for recovery and rejuvenation

May 17, 2023

I belong to a facility that has the rapid reboot as a service available. I loved it so much, I bought one for personal use. My husband and I both use it 3x+ a week. Totally worth the money. Can't speak highly enough about this machine.

Jillian Hubbard

I love this product and great customer service!

May 8, 2023

I bought the Classic Reboot System including arm, legs, hip, and controller from a third party. When it arrived it wasn’t working. Customer Service, Kai specifically, had me send a video and immediately helped. It was great customer service. The replacement unit is working well and it’s amazing. I have very tight hips

Laura Cruz

Purchased arm attachment

April 25, 2023

I was gifted the rapid reboot package with leg and hip attachment. I was really excited to use this tool for my massage practice. I needed an arm attachment and when I purchased it. Kendall from Rapid Reboot made me aware to check my attachments as they have changed the prongs.


Great product

April 20, 2023

This is an amazing product. My daughter is a pitcher and uses this every night after workouts. She feels revived and fresh.

Olie Turner

It's 2023 this is the great type of technology I expect to be delivered.

April 19, 2023

It feels amazing to put on these recovery tools and to be able to keep doin whatever it is y'all doin.


Best recovery tool

April 19, 2023

Rapid Reboot makes a top quality piece of equipment. Sequence compression is one of the best things you can do for your body. The service and follow up from the team was fast and resourceful. Highly recommend this company’s products.

Mark Marino

Great Product, Great Service!

April 18, 2023

I've sworn by my boots for almost a decade. When they finally started leaking, Kendall was on it lickety-split and provided great service despite my boots being long out of warranty.


Rapid Reboot

April 18, 2023

Love the Rapid Reboot. I have a bad knee and the compression boots help the pain and swelling after a workout. My son is an athlete and he is addicted to coming home from track practice and getting right into the boots. Thank you!

Terri Shea

Customer service

April 17, 2023

We had a medium pair of boots that had a small leak. Kai helped us to return the product and get a new pair very quickly. The product works great. Thank you for the help.