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Your Warranty

Terms & Conditions

Unless otherwise stated at the time of purchase, the following products are warranted by Rapid Reboot against manufacturing defects, malfunctions, and premature product failures for the indicated period, beginning at the date of purchase:

  • REGEN, GENESIS, and CLASSIC Control Units: 2 years
  • Boots, Hips, and Arms Attachments: 1 year
  • REPLAY Massage Gun: 1 year
  • RECHARGE Battery Pack: 1 year

In the event of manufacturing defects, malfunctions, and premature product failures, Rapid Reboot will, at its discretion, either repair or replace the affected component, or entirely replace the product if component repair or replacement is impossible. When covered by warranty, such repairs or replacements will be without charge for labor, parts, or shipping. 

This warranty excludes following conditions:

  • Lost or stolen products
  • Normal wear and tear or cosmetic damage to products
  • Damage resulting from use contrary to the Usage Guidelines and Warnings outlined in the provided manuals
  • Damage resulting from intentional tampering or accident, negligence, abuse, or mishandling
  • Damage due to transportation or shipping
  • Failed repair by an individual other than an authorized service representative of Rapid Reboot
  • Failure to provide the product’s serial number or proof of purchase for a warranty claim.

This warranty is nontransferable. Rapid Reboot reserves the right to deny any warranty claim.


The following products are not warrantied by Rapid Reboot: 

  • Used, demoed, floor-model, and/or refurbished products, including those purchased at an event
  • REVAMP Hot/Cold Sleeves
  • Duffel Bags, Backpacks, or Travel Cases
  • Zero-Gravity Chairs
  • Unit Caddies
  • Apparel

Although not covered by a warranty, these products do have a 30-day money-back guarantee (view our return policy here).

Initiating a Claim

To initiate a warranty claim for manufacturing defects, malfunctions, and premature product failures, reach out to our customer service team at   or 801-899-7511.

Note: Information regarding the purchase, such as the name of the purchaser and the order number, may be required to initiate a valid warranty claim.

Lifetime Servicing

Out-of-warranty products may be eligible for a lifetime of servicing. Serviceability and fees depend on the issue, components, and labor involved. If your product is out-of-warranty but needs servicing, please contact customer service at   or call 801.899.7511. Note that out-of-warranty products that cannot be serviced do not qualify for free product replacements.