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I started Rapid Reboot in 2015 while training to qualify for the Kona World Championships through the Ironman Legacy program. The recently announced program would allow athletes another way to qualify for Kona by finishing 12 Ironman races.

David Johnson David Johnson
Rapid Reboot Founder and CEO

I quickly discovered that training for multiple Ironman races in a year puts a significant load on the body, and to get the benefits of the hours spent training I needed to focus on recovery.

Of all of the recovery modalities, I found that compression boots had the biggest impact on helping me lock in the benefits of my training sessions as well as promoting the rest and healing needed to be able to attack my next workout on fresh legs.

As much as I loved using compression boots for my recovery, I found that the existing systems on the market were lacking in pressure as well as the speed at which they could complete a cycle from the foot to the upper leg. Compression boots help speed up the body's natural healing process by increasing circulation. It's the circulatory system that brings oxygen and nutrients to damaged muscles while removing lactic acid and other waste products.

Although the existing compression boots on the market were good, I didn't want to settle for good, I felt like athletes deserved something much better. That's the reason I started Rapid Reboot. I wanted to take a proven recovery technology and make the very best compression boot system on the market.

Our mission is to help each of our customers reach their athletic potential. In the world of elite competition, every advantage counts. Your competition is always pushing its limits, and to outpace them, you need to optimize every aspect of your training – especially recovery. That's where Rapid Reboot steps in. Designed for those who aspire to be a cut above the rest, our recovery systems ensure you're not just keeping up, but setting the pace.

Experience rejuvenation like never before. With Rapid Reboot, you don't just heal quicker; you unlock the potential for greater endurance and strength in your next training session. Imagine stepping into each workout with legs that feel refreshed and invigorated, ready to tackle any challenge. That's the power of optimized recovery – that's the power of Rapid Reboot.

David Johnson
Rapid Reboot Founder and CEO
13 time Ironman Finisher