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If you are serious about your sport, these are the options worth considering.

Our classic system is a great low-frills workhorse. It's simple, and ruggedly built, with a large robust motor that provides higher pressures and quicker cycles than our competitors. It's a great choice for commercial applications where portability isn't a primary consideration.

The Regen is for those who demand the very best out of themselves and their recovery equipment. It outperforms every other compression boot system on the market, in every conceivable way.

Our Regen system is without peers. It not only matches the sheer power and performance of our plug-in classic system but does it in a portable package, with features that no other system has including rapid deflate, and complete control over the pressures in each chamber.

RR Classic Normatec 3 RR Regen
Features Classic Normatec 3 Regen
Pressure Range 0-200 mmHg 0-110 mmHg 0-200 mmHg
Cycle Time 60 sec 4 min 60 sec
Pressure Levels 10 7 20
Warranty 2 Year 1 Year 2 Year
Digital Timer 10,20,30 min 15,30,45,60 min 1 min - 3 hr
Modes 2 3 4
TSA Carry-on Approved Approved Approved
Attachment Plug Magnetic Mechanical Magnetic
Internal Battery (3100 mAh) or 23 Watt-Hours (8800 mAh) or 65 Watt-Hours
Bluetooth Yes Yes
App Basic Advanced
Universal Voltage Yes Yes
Touch Screen 6" HD LCD
Case Included Yes
Rapid Charge Yes
Power Saving Yes
USB Phone Charging Yes
Chamber Isolation Yes
Saved Settings Advanced
Rapid Deflate Yes
Chamber Hold Yes
Cycle Rest Yes
Inflation Speed Control 1/2, 3/4, Full