The number of top-notch applications we receive each day shocks us. You athletes are the cream of the crop. When we’re looking through applications, we’re seeing athletes who are dedicated and enormously talented in their sport. There’s never a question of whether an athlete is thriving, which is extremely exciting to us. And mostly speaks volumes about you.


We want to let you in on what sets Rapid Reboot’s partners apart from a list of highly-qualified applicants.


We’re looking for athletes who communicate well. It sounds like an odd first indicator, but this is a big part of the partnership. Typically, we aren’t in the same city, so in-person meetings are a no-go. We want athletes who communicate well and share their enthusiasm for the partnership. We love seeing emails come in from athletes excited to try something they have in mind for the partnership.


Speaking of excitement to try something new, we love finding creative athletes who push the envelope. When our athletes have a vision of how they’d like the partnership to unfold, we love hearing their ideas. We want our athletes to feel free to be transparent and share their candid thoughts on Rapid Reboot.


This also helps us maintain an organic approach because our athletes use their own voices and creativity to let their followers in on the system. Before we ever partner, our athletes try the system and report back on what they think.


With various athletes to check in with, it’s nice to know we’re working with people who want to share the good news of Rapid Reboot with their followers and friends. Since partnerships require both our team and the athlete to deliver, we love when both sides see the importance of remaining transparent and prioritize delivering content on time.


We pride ourselves in partnering with a wide range of athletes who have both a smaller following and those with a wider reach, with hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers. The good news is there are strengths to both types of social media accounts! We love highlighting the strengths of athletes with various account sizes to give followers a true taste of Rapid Reboot and support athletes in their journey to level up each day.


Lastly, we love when our athletes bring their followers’ voices to the table. We’re here because of people, and we want to deliver value however we can. When our athletes pass on important aspects of recovery from their followers, we take this feedback seriously and pass it on to our development team. They act on this feedback as soon as possible to make sure our athletes are receiving the best experience possible.


We also appreciate watching our athletes go to bat for their followers. We love seeing our athletes ask questions like, “Would my followers like this? Is this bringing value to them? How can I be transparent and give them a real look at Rapid Reboot?”

With it all summed up, we love working with people. Real humans who are pushing their limits and helping others along the way. If you think you have what it takes, reach out to You may just be the next Rapid Reboot athlete.