Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Rapid Reboot different?

Rapid Reboot offers quality dynamic compression technology that gives you more for your money – more sizing options for the optimal fit, more pressure settings to fit your preference, more cycles for enhanced efficiency, a seamless interior for a more even dispersion of pressure and greater comfort, and more ease-of-mind with our warranty.

What does the warranty cover?

As athletes ourselves, we understand the importance of recovery. We also understand the importance of reliability. That is why we set out to create an affordable and reliable compression recovery system that also comes with a comprehensive two-year warranty.

The Rapid Reboot Recovery System comes with a two-year warranty to protect you from manufacturing defects, malfunctions, premature product failures, and accidental damages. That said, we want to take care of you no matter what, even after the two years. If anything happens, please let us know. We stand behind our product—and you. That means you can always email us at or speak to us directly by calling 801-899-7511. Each case will be handled on an individual basis, but we want to help you train, reboot, and repeat as fast as possible without having to worry about an unforgiving warranty.

To read more about the warranty, you can go to the Warranty page under the Get Started tab.

What are some notable features?

Features include various sizes for the best fit, customizable pressure ranges for comfort, two different modes for different results, three simple time settings for your schedule, the ability to deactivate different chambers, integrated hoses, triangular foot compartments, heavy-duty, dual-track zippers, and a smooth seamless interior for comfort and easy cleaning.

Why is it not cold?

While cold therapy certainly has its time and place, especially after injury, evidence suggests that regular ice baths and other cold therapies can actually inhibit recovery rather than aid it. As an article from LAVA Magazine explains, “the central complaint on icing is that it slows down blood flow into and out of the region. This reduces the flow of nutrients in and waste products out.” This is especially true when you’re immersed in cold or use it for extended periods: “It may feel like you’re doing something proactive when it comes to the goal of mitigating the physical stress of hard training, but in fact it might actually be screwing up the natural healing processes at work. It may be setting you back.”

Enter Rapid Reboot, which uses dynamic compression technology to help you recover: “When it comes to the circulation of blood and lymph, more is better, and this is one reason why compression technologies have become standard in performance athletics, with compression socks, tights, and…inflatable compression.”

Here’s some more evidence from another study:

“Cold water immersion attenuated long term gains in muscle mass and strength. It also blunted the activation of key proteins and satellite cells in skeletal muscle up to 2 days after strength exercise.”

“Because muscle protein synthesis depends on an adequate blood supply, the decrease in muscle blood flow after cold water immersion may have important implications for muscle metabolism during recovery from exercise. For example, lower blood flow in muscle in response to cold water immersion could reduce muscle protein synthesis. This might explain, in part, previous observations that cold water immersion attenuates gains in muscle strength and endurance capacity following strength training.

Roberts, L. A., Raastad, T., Markworth, J. F., Figueiredo, V. C., Egner, I. M., Shield, A., … Peake, J. M. (2015). Post-exercise cold water immersion attenuates acute anabolic signalling and long-term adaptations in muscle to strength training. The Journal of Physiology593(Pt 18), 4285–4301.

What size should I get?

You can refer to the sizing charts below to learn which size attachments will fit you best. If you find yourself on the upper edge of a size range or right in between size ranges, we recommend going longer to guarantee you get coverage.




When should I use it?

Rapid Reboot is ideal right after a workout, race, or event, especially after a long, arduous one. However, you can use the boots after a long day, anytime your legs are feeling sore, or whenever you feel you need to reboot!

Another important thing to remember is that while Rapid Reboot can help with recovery after one use, helping your body recover is an investment of time and requires consistency. In other words, make a habit of using Rapid Reboot!

Also, remember to eat well and get enough sleep. Dynamic compression is an important part of recovery, but it’s not the only part.

How long do I use it?

Rapid Reboot comes with three time settings – 10, 20, and 30 minutes. Use these depending on the intensity of your training, race, or event. To recover from a long, arduous workout, for example, you’ll want to use the boots for at least 20 or 30 minutes.  For a quick reboot or pre-workout session, 10 minutes should be enough to make your legs and body feel great!

One thing to bear in mind is that longer is not necessarily better, especially after 30 minutes. There is no harm in going longer, but you get all the benefit you need within 30 minutes of using the boots, even after a long race or intense workout.

How often can I use it?

Rapid Reboot’s dynamic compression systems are safe to use multiple times a day, including before and after training sessions. For medical applications, consult your doctor on treatment protocols best suited for your medical needs.

How much pressure should I use?

An important thing to know is that even a relatively low pressure setting can provide some benefit. That said, what pressure you use is mostly a matter of preference. Some people enjoy a higher pressure setting and tighter compression.

No matter what your pressure preference, the compression from the boots should never hurt or be uncomfortable. If it is, decrease the pressure in the boots using the control pump until the pressure is more comfortable.

What's the recommended use time?

The Rapid Reboot control unit offers three preprogrammed time durations of 10, 20, and 30 minutes. While a 20- or 30-minute session is ideal after a rigorous training session, Rapid Reboot was designed to be more efficient by offering more cycles within a given session than the competition. That means that if you don’t have much time, even a 10-minute session can give you the reboot you need.

What are the indications?

Our dynamic compression technology is indicated for the temporary relief of minor muscle aches and pains and for the temporary increase in circulation to the treated areas in people who are in good health. The Rapid Reboot Compression Therapy System simulates kneading and stroking of tissues by using an inflatable garment.

If you are interested in using Rapid Reboot for a medical condition, please talk to your doctor first about the benefits of intermittent pneumatic compression for your specific needs.

What are the contraindications?

While Rapid Reboot is safe to use for a variety of applications, please consult your doctor before using Rapid Reboot if you know or suspect you may have the following: deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism (blood clot) or edema, thrombophlebitis, inflammation of the skin (e.g., erysipelas, cellulitis), ischemic vascular disease, severe peripheral neuropathy, or related issues and complications.

Who can use it?

Rapid Reboot is ideal for every athlete at every level in every sport: triathlons, weightlifting, cross-country, track, cycling, gymnastics, marathons, basketball, football, baseball, golf, etc. However, because the system promotes healthy blood flow, a wide variety of people can use it, from teachers who are on their feet all day to truckers who sit all day.

Although devices like Rapid Reboot have a variety of medical applications, consult your doctor if you have concerns or if you have had a blood clot or stroke. He or she may advise you to use Rapid Reboot differently based on your individual medical needs.

Who should not use it?

Due to its customizability of settings, Rapid Reboot can accommodate a wide range of people, from athletes who use it for a competitive edge to geriatric patients suffering from circulatory and lymphatic complications. Refer to the contraindications question above to see who should not use it without first consulting his or her doctor.

Who uses it now?

Rapid Reboot may be the newest name in recovery technology, but it’s also the fastest growing. You’ll find athletes from all over the world using the Rapid Reboot recovery system. And it’s not just for individual athletes, although its price, portability, comfort, size options, customizability, and ease-of-use make it perfect for everyone. College programs are finding Rapid Reboot offers a lot of quality for an unbeatable price. Plus, with all the love that was built into them, athletes and athletic trainers alike are finding they like our boots better than the other guys.

If you want to see an honest review (we didn’t pay him to say what he says, we swear) of what you get with the Rapid Reboot recovery system, check out this video from Matt Vincent.

How do I clean it?

Because the boots have a seamless inside and exterior and hold no moisture, cleaning them is simple: wipe them down with a cleaning wipe or a rag soaked in diluted cleaner. You can then dry them with a dry towel or let them air dry. Either way they’ll dry fast! This also means no machine washing is necessary.

Even though the plug attached to the hoses comes with a cap to prevent a lot of water and debris from getting into the boots and, more importantly, the pump, avoid submerging the hoses, plug, and outlet on the pump in water or cleaner. This will ensure your pump runs smoothly for a long time!

Is it FDA cleared?

Yes. Rapid Reboot is FDA cleared for over-the-counter use (K182668) and is specifically intended for enhanced blood circulation and muscle recovery.

Although devices like Rapid Reboot have a variety of medical applications, if you have existing medical conditions such as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), or have had a stroke or embolism in the past, we encourage you to ask your doctor before using Rapid Reboot regularly. Your doctor may advise you to use Rapid Reboot differently based on your individual medical needs.

Will insurance cover it?

Following Medicare guidelines, many insurance providers will cover the cost of a Rapid Reboot system when there is a doctor-endorsed medical need. If there is a medical need, there are several ways a patient can acquire a Rapid Reboot system: 1) the patient can use an HSA, HRA, or FSA account to purchase directly; 2) the patient can submit a medical necessity form to his or her insurance provider and receive approval for a reimbursement of a purchase; 3) or, the patient’s physician can prescribe Rapid Reboot, purchase on behalf of the patient, then bill the patient’s insurance.Talk to your specific insurance provider if you have questions concerning whether or not your plan covers medical compression devices.

Talk to your specific insurance provider if you have questions concerning whether or not your plan covers medical compression devices such as Rapid Reboot. For a medical necessity form that includes more information about Rapid Reboot, it’s indications and FDA certification, please contact us at

How do I clean and service my system?

With a seamless inside and exterior, cleaning your attachments is simple: wipe them down with a cleaning wipe or a rag soaked in diluted cleaner. You can then dry them with a towel or let them air-dry. We recommend storing them in a dry place as well.

When it comes to servicing your system, there is only one thing that might need to be serviced: o-rings. These are found on the plug attached to the hoses. We designed our plugs to be snug as possible, and the o-rings ensure you don’t lose any pressure, especially at the higher settings. Eventually, though, these o-rings can get worn down. To receive replacements, simply contact us and we’ll send you a pack of new ones at no expense to you. You can usually find compatible o-rings at your local hardware store, too.

If you believe your system, whether the pump or attachments are not functioning properly, please contact us at or call us at 801-899-7511. We will work with you to resolve the issue quickly and with as little hassle and stress to you.

Do I need to elevate my legs?


It is always a good idea, however, to be in a comfortable position. For the Boot attachments, this often means sitting on the floor, in a recliner, or laying on couch or bed. For the Hip attachment, we do recommend laying down. 

What is your return policy?

Rapid Reboot has a 30-day, money-back guarantee return policy. If you need to return it, we’ll refund the full amount and cover the shipping. No questions asked. No restocking fee.

Product returned after the 30 day period is subject to partial refunds, depending on the time and condition of the product. Contact a customer service rep if you have a question about past purchases.

Can I use it before working out?

Yes, Rapid Reboot is safe to use before working out! In fact, it is great before working out or training because of the enhance circulation and mobility it offers.

Do you sponsor athletes, and will you sponsor me?

Yes, we do sponsor athletes. Unfortunately, as much as we would love to be a part of everyone’s athletic achievements, we cannot offer sponsorships for everyone who requests it. Sponsorships are determined by a number of factors, and Rapid Reboot reserves the right to sponsor athletes based on its needs and available resources.

Of course, no matter your level or notoriety in a sport, we want to learn more about you. To provide us with more information, please fill out this sponsorship application form.

We will try to get back to you as quickly as possible, but we do ask you be patient with us as we thoughtfully consider your application.


How do I become a brand ambassador?

Interested in becoming a brand ambassador? We’d love to meet you! Please fill out this ambassador application in order for us to learn more about you and your involvement within your community.

Of course, as much as we would love to have everyone on board as a brand ambassador, we simply can’t. For one, we want our ambassadorships to mean something. We also want to be able to work closely with our ambassadors, as well as provide them with the product they need to successful endorse Rapid Reboot. Other factors are involved, too, meaning Rapid Reboot reserves the right to deny ambassador candidates for a number of reasons.

Do you rent or lease?

Rapid Reboot does not offer an all-purpose, general rental or lease program.

For clinics, teams, collegiate programs, and other businesses and organizations, Rapid Reboot does offer a free, 2-week demo program >>

Is shipping included, and do you offer expedited shipping?

We cover standard ground shipping for all orders in the US. Additional charges apply for expedited shipping and international orders. Please contact us at or call 801-899-7511 for questions and to request expedited shipping.

For free 2-day shipping, be sure to check Amazon, as Rapid Reboot is available on Amazon Prime for many areas in the US.

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