Looking for the REGEN but don’t want to wait? We’ve got great news: We’re making a trade-in, or rather a trade-up, program official.

Under this program, you can get some of the best compression on the market with our CLASSIC system, then, when we’re back in stock with the coveted REGEN, you can upgrade to THE absolute best in compression.


If you buy any new CLASSIC compression system between now and September 30th 2022, you’ll be eligible to upgrade your control unit to a REGEN anytime we’re back in stock within 6 months after purchase.

Because we’ve regularly sold out, sometimes within the span of a few hours, here’s what you’ll want to do to secure your REGEN when we are back in stock:

First, fill out the Notify Me form below.

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When REGENs are back in stock, purchase your REGEN control unit. If you have the Attachments you need from your CLASSIC purchase, you can get just the REGEN control unit, as the Attachments are compatible with both units.

In the Notes section of the checkout cart, let us know you intend to trade in your CLASSIC control unit. You can simply write “Trade Up.” This will let our customer success team know to contact you with instructions on how to handle the trade-in, from handling shipping labels to giving you full credit back for your unit — up to the full value of the CLASSIC.

Here are some other key points (more are addressed in the FAQs section below):

  • If possible, please use the same name and/or address on your REGEN order as you did your CLASSIC.
  • Ground shipping is free, but you can request and pay for faster shipping options.
  • We want to give as much credit as possible, up to the full value of your CLASSIC, so please take care of it!
  • Contact our customer service team with questions regarding the amount of credit available to you.

About the CLASSIC

Our first-generation compression system, the CLASSIC put Rapid Reboot’s compression therapy on the map. With the option of twice as much compression as Hyperice’s Normatec and Therabody’s RecoveryAir — for better fluid mobilization and a deeper tissue massage — the CLASSIC also offers 10 compression levels, 2 sequence modes, 3 time settings, and Chamber Isolation. In other words, it’s a great unit to familiarize yourself with what Rapid Reboot has to offer. That way when you get your REGEN, which has a ton of new features in a smaller, more travel-friendly unit, you’ll be ready to take your recovery to the next level.

And yes, the CLASSIC is compatible with the same Boots, Hips, and Arms Attachments as the REGEN. This means that when you go to upgrade, you only need to trade in your control unit, not the Attachments.


Why do I need to purchase a REGEN first?

Given our limited inventory and that we sell out quickly, purchasing your REGEN unit is the best, most fair way to ensure you can claim one. Once it’s claimed and on its way, our customer success reps will work with you to handle your trade-up in as timely and seamless a way as possible.

How will I receive credit for my CLASSIC?

Once our customer service team receives your CLASSIC, you will be given credit in the form of a partial refund on your REGEN order, up to the full value of your CLASSIC. In other words, we’re extending the timeframe you can return your CLASSIC for a full refund in a way that ensures you will not be without a compression system.

How do I know I’ll receive full credit back for my CLASSIC?

We know a lot of people have waited a long time for a chance at a REGEN, so we want to give as much credit for your CLASSIC as possible. Light wear and tear from normal usage will still qualify for the full credit. Exceptions include significantly damaged and/or broken units, which may only qualify for limited credit or no credit at all, depending on the nature and extent of the damage. If you have any concerns about receiving full credit, please bring them up with our customer success team before trading in your CLASSIC. They’ll work with you to ensure clear expectations and the best possible experience!

How does the warranty work?

Your CLASSIC unit will come with a 2-year warranty. This covers manufacturing defects or malfunctions. When you trade up for the REGEN, your REGEN unit will come with its own separate 2-year warranty that will start when you receive it.

Is the REGEN worth the wait?

Yes. Definitely. OK, that’s two words, but you get the point. As awesome as our CLASSIC unit has been for years (and we know you’ll love it) the award-winning, patented REGEN is truly unique in the market. It offers more of everything — more compression, more convenience, and more customization. All three lead to more personalized results.