We want you fully equipped with the best recovery for the best value possible. That’s why we’re letting you in on the secret behind sharing your system with friends, family, and teammates no matter your height difference. Because we get it; We do the same thing!


Say you and your partner are thinking of sharing a system. Many times, one is taller than the other, and you need to know if buying two sizes of the Boots is the best option.


Rather than purchasing two sets of boots, consider going with the Boots and Hips attachments to complement the sizing difference. This option recovers the largest portion of your body.


Here’s how it works. Our Hips attachment covers from the lower back down to just above the knees. If you’re too tall for a medium Boots attachment, but that’s the size your partner fits in, we’ve got your back. Snag the medium Boots to share, and use the Hips attachment to recover the quads and hamstrings of the taller partner.


With the Boots and Hips to share, you recover the entire bottom half of your body. When your glutes, hammies, or hips are sore, you’re both covered. And your sore feet, ankles, and calves are also good to go.


The Hips attachment is our secret weapon and a crowd favorite.


Looking at sharing one Boots attachment? We’ve still got you covered. Often, a couple can share a single pair of Boots by purchasing the size that will fit the taller of the two. When the shorter partner wants to use the Boots, simply turn off the top compartment using the button on the Control Unit to keep the  hamstring compartment from inflating. This way, both partners can comfortably use one attachment.


So if you’re on the market but worried about sizing differences, fear not. We’re here for you.

*Pro tip: Try the Hips attachment on A mode and thank us later.